The MKM Charter

0. Purpose

The "MKM interest group" (MKM IG) is a group of individuals that share the common research interest of mathematical knowledge management. It has an annual meeting, the MKM conference and occasional other officially supported meetings.

The purpose of this charter is to make explicit the consensus about the purpose and organization of the MKM IG. It is not intended as a legal document of any sort.

1. Structure

The MKM IG takes decisions by democratic votes on the annual business meeting held at the annual MKM conference. It elects a board of trustees that takes the decisions between the meetings and report to the business meeting of MKM. The main task of the trustees is to guarantee the continuity of MKM and to select the programme chairs of upcoming meetings (see 4.) of the next meeting. The trustees will also approve the official status of occasional meetings other than the main annual conference.

2. Board of Trustees

This board consists of three elected members and three ex-officio members (the programme chairs of the last two meetings and the upcoming one). All trustees serve terms of three years.

The elected members are proposed at the business meeting and an election by e-mail (using a Condorcet-compliant counting method) is held no more than six weeks afterwards among the MKM IG (see 3.). The term of the elected trustees begins with the election and ends with the election three years afterwards.

The programme chairs (see 4.) of the last two MKM conferences and the upcoming conference are trustees of the MKM IG. Their term begins at the business meeting, where their chairmanship is announced and ends at the business meeting three years later.

The trustees elect amongst themselves a secretary who keeps records and coordinates the day-to-day work of the board. The trustees may appoint a treasurer either amongst themselves or from the MKM community. The treasurer is an ex-officio member of the board of trustees and keeps the financial records, manages the MKM accounts and reports to the MKM business meeting.

The MKM trustees appoint a standing delegate to the CICM Steering Committee. This delegate is mandated to vote on items that require a unanimity of CICM Steering Committee only in a sense that has the approval of an absolute majority of the MKM Trustees.

3. Membership

Membership gives the franchise for voting at the MKM business meeting and for electing the trustees.

The MKM Interest Group consists of individuals that have either attended a MKM conference or that have indicated in writing to the trustees that they would like to be members of the MKM Interest Group. Interest Group membership lapses after three years, but can be renewed by either attending a MKM conference or attending an officially supported meeting or communicating their wish to be a member by an an e-mail to the MKM trustees.

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