Mathematical Knowledge Management

Mathematical Knowledge Management is an exciting new field at the intersection of mathematics and computer science. We need efficient, new techniques - based on sophisticated formal mathematics and software technology - to take advantage of the enormous amount of knowledge available in current mathematical sources and to organize mathematical knowledge in new ways. By its very nature, the realm of mathematical information looks a very likely candidate on which to test innovative theoretical and technological solutions for content-based systems, interoperability, management of machine understandable information, and the Semantic Web.

MKM was founded as a workshop in 2001, became a conference in 2003, and has become part of the Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM) in 2010.

The MKM interest group was a loosely coupled network of research groups and individuals interested in joining forces for the study and design of software systems for mathematical knowledge management.

In 2015, the MKM interest group was dissolved. Its members, tasks, and resources were absorbed by the CICM organization. Its identity continues as a track of the CICM conference.

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