SESAME: Semantic Structure for Managing Mathematical Knowledge

Proposed Network of Excellence in the FP6 IST: Proposal FP6-027170

2.4.7 Semantic-based Knowledge and Content Systems

Coordinator: Michael Kohlhase, Jacobs University Bremen

The long-term goal of the SESAME network of excellence is to overcome the fragmentation of the European research landscape in the area of Mathematical Knowledge Management. We intend to develop, implement, and provide semantic-based and context-aware techniques for acquiring, organizing, processing, sharing and using knowledge in Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical disciplines (STEM) to support research, education, and technology application. The SESAME network hopes to achieve this goal by deepening the understanding of semantic methods for knowledge representation and management currently under development for the field of Mathematics, and transferring these techniques to neighboring fields in the exact sciences and engineering (concretely: Physics, geo-sciences, and software engineering).

The public parts of the grant proposal can be found here

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