MKM 2006: The 5th International Conference on Mathematical Knowledge Management

The Conference

The Fifth Conference will be run at the St Annes Manor in Wokingham, UK from 11th to 12th August 2006.
An associated workshop, Mathematical User Interfaces, will be held on 10th August at the same venue.

The conference will be an official satellite event of The International Congress of Mathematicians Madrid 2006 (22-30 August 2006).
There is a related satellite meeting on Communicating Mathematics in the Digital Era (15-18 August 2006 in Aveiro, Portugal).

The deadline for paper and workshop submissions has now passed. Refereeing of papers is underway.


Ordinary advance registration for the conference has now closed. If you wish to attend and have not yet registered, please contact the organisers by email for details.

Schedule of Conference

A planned schedule of talks is now available. Please note there may be changes to the schedule before the conference, although we will endeavour to keep attendees (and particularly speakers) notified of changes.

Conference Goals

Mathematical Knowledge Management (MKM) is an emerging interdisciplinary field of research in the intersection of mathematics, computer science, library science, and scientific publishing. Its objective is to develop new and better ways of managing mathematical knowledge using sophisticated software tools. Its grand challenge is to create a universal digital mathematics library accessible via the World Wide Web. Sponsored by the MKM Interest Group, MKM 2006 will be the fifth conference in a series of international MKM conferences that started in 2001 (see below).


  1. The nature of mathematical proof and its role in managing mathematical knowledge. Mathematical proof is the traditional method for certifying, communicating, and discovering mathematical knowledge. The innovative use of computers to perform mathematical computations, empirical confirmations, and logical deductions is challenging conventional notions of mathematical proof. What impact will new ideas about proof have on MKM?
  2. New modes of consuming and producing mathematical knowledge. Engineers and scientists increasingly demand sophisticated mathematical knowledge that is different from the kind of knowledge mathematicians traditionally produce. Moreover, engineers and scientists are obtaining a large and growing portion of their mathematical knowledge by way of mathematical software systems. How will such mathematical knowledge be produced, transmitted, and consumed in the future?

The Call for Papers requested research papers on these two themes as well as on all other aspects of MKM.

Plenary Speakers


The International Conferences on Mathematical Knowledge Management are run under the auspices of the MKM Interest Group.


Programme Committee:
Conference Co-Chairs:


St Annes Manor is a Hilton country house hotel, set in 25 acres of grounds. It is half an hour from Heathrow Airport, and easily accessible by road and rail.

Travelling to the St Annes Manor

The hotel web site has road directions for those coming by car.

For those coming by train you should head for either Reading or Wokingham stations (Reading is a mainline station so may be easier) and get a taxi to the hotel from there.

For those flying in to Heathrow, there are two options. You can arrange a taxi direct from Heathrow (e.g. from Airport Cars) or you can get the RailAir Link which is a coach service direct from Heathrow to Reading train station, from where you can get a taxi to the hotel.


The conference proceedings are published as number 4108 in Springer's Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence and is accessible online (provided you or your institution have a subscription to the LNCS series).


General enquiries should be sent to the conference co-chairs.

Enquiries about the call for papers and workshops should be sent to the programme committee co-chairs.

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