MKM 2005 Registration

Registration for the MKM Conference and the Workshops is now open

Go to the registration

registration to the conference and the workshops is independent, but we recommend the taking both, since the topics are very related.

Prices and services

Prices are valid until the early registration deadline 20. June, 2005. Afterwards, prices will be increased by 10%

fee245 Eur 50 Eur 275 Eur
accommodation 160 Eur (three nights) 60 Eur (one night) 210 Eur (four nights)
sum405 Eur 110 Eur 485 Eur

Registration for the conference includes

  1. Participation in the conference
  2. Conference Proceedings by Sprinter LN??
  3. Welcome reception on the evening of June 14th with snacks and drinks.
  4. Lunch and diner for every conference day.
  5. Conference dinner on June 15th.

Registration to the workshops includes participation (1), the welcome reception (3), and meals (4)

For details and and questions go to The registration site

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